So you want out?

Okay, so there's not much here to stick around for as of yet. Fine with me, just be sure to head off somewhere GOOD! Like, one of my links! *grin* One warning, though. I haven't given this page a good updating in a while. I've done some culling, and some trimming, but no addition of links. ^^; Really sorry.

Comics That I Like!

Framed! - Woohoo! Damonk's a nut, y'know... and a fellow New Brunswick nut! And he gave me my very first link! And his comic rocks, too. Yes, it rocks a lot. Visit! VISIT!!!

Sluggy Freelance - Chances are you've heard of this one... but c'mon! It's nifty! And it's got a nasty mini-lop named Bun-Bun in it! This comic is responsible for addicting me to online cartooning. Honest.

Bruno The Bandit - The second comic I started reading. Highly reccomended, the art is great, the storylines are some of the silliest stuff I've ever seen, and I really like Fiona.

Kevin and Kell - Yet another longtime favorite. It has its high points and low points, but it's still quite good. Anthropomorphic animals, social commentary, and geeky jokes. Yay!

Superosity - Well, chances are you're familliar with Chris Crosby's work... but if you're not, be prepared for some twisted humor. And sentient boards.

Sinfest - Beautifully drawn and wickedly funny. I wish I could make my comic as good as Ishida makes his...

Wendy! - Alright, I have no idea what the proper title for this is right now... but it's the most surreal and silly thing I've ever seen in my entire LIFE. Go. Go now. Go riiiiiiight now! ...just make sure you can handle slight ecchiness, alright?

Adventurers! - Gotta love something that pokes fun at RPGs. MUG!!! Hahahaha...

User Friendly - This one has been around for a while... and hey, as both a cartoonist and a geek, it would be WRONG for me to not put a link up, right? Heh... set a day or two aside and read through the archives...

Unicorn Jelly - I love Uni!!! This is a super-cute, super-deep, super-fun manga strip! One of my favorites right from the start. And hey, you can trust MY taste, right?

Shinkutokimekisempukaku! - *Pant, pant* Okay, that's one HELL of a title... and one hell of a silly comic...

RPG World - Another comic mocking roleplaying games! Lovely art, and it's just plain silly!

8-Bit Theater - Whoever knew so much neat stuff could be done with the character sprites from Final Fantasy 1? This is a hoot!

Yvette - Just starting, but it looks like it's going to be good! Musicians and music seems to be the theme.

Residence Life - Nice and colorful art, and plenty of good and silly jokes. Just two guys livin' in residence...

Lean On Me - A sweet and touching comic. Romance, drama, and comedy about a boy that dresses like a girl, and the girl that becomes his friend. (Meep! Apparently it's down? Noooo...)

Chibi AlexChan's Manga - Lovely fantasy work! Done in a manga-like format. Go read Child of the Pomegranate!

Rationale - This is COOL! I don't have any other way to describe it. Simply drawn, and funny. Very, very funny!

Man and Balloon - Okay, so it's stick figure art, in a sense. It's silly and creative and the story has taken a turn for the interesting lately. I like it. (Though the artist has taken a break, you can go read the archives, right?)

Todd And Penguin - Such a sweet, sweet comic. More bird-type fun! Though Penguin seems marginally more well behaved than the average purple duck...

Six Foot Peter - What a fun, suggestive name! Heh. A comic by and about Peter, a very nice and very silly gay fellow...

Minor Reality - A nifty weekly comic. Though I've yet to fully determine what the story is about, it looks verrrrrry promising!

Under The Lemon Tree - Another strip that has fun with small, pesky, invisible friends. Great art!

The Normal Guy - Just a normal guy, with lots of abnormal friends and enemies...

Other Neat Stuff!

Dragon Dreamers '98 - A page for all the various junk that me and my friend Alaric keep up. Hasn't been updated in a while, and likely will never be again, but HEY... you can find a KiSS doll of a purple duck there!

Master Quack's Page - This is a blurb from the daddy of the ducks. Or, at the very least, the deranged estranged uncle. Nigel's his name, and I don't know what his game is, but it's probably illegal in most countries. Hee. Go see! Go see!

My Elfwood Gallery - Care to see some other art of mine? Care to see a few versions of pre-comic Violet? This is the place.

More coming later!

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