The Characters!

Violet - She's the star of the comic (somewhat), and one of the most sane people in the cast (mostly). She's just your average college student, that just wants to lead a normal life and not draw any unneeded attention to herself. Of course, with the ducks around driving her to distraction, this might be a touch hard to accomplish....

The Ducks - They claim that THEY'RE the stars of the comic, actually. Best not to argue with them too much. They're purple, there are a nearly infinite number of them, and a duck for every personality type and situation. They live to party and have fun... and hey, since they've moved out with Violet, they're enjoying their newfound freedom.

Piper Matthews - Eternally cheerful and absolutely unselfconsious, Piper is one of Violet's best friends. She's a music student, and is learning to play the guitar.... and will occasionally burst into song and dance for no apparent reason. If she has something to say, she'll say it. She's a nice person otherwise, though. Really.

Chip Richardson - Chip is the manditory computer geek, and a rather quiet and collected individual. He's perfectly calm at all times, and utterly unflappable. It will likely take a lot to get him angry or surprised... but no one knows how much it is. They've never seen it.

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