About this crazy comic!

Purple Duck Mambo is the story of a girl named Violet, and the several bazillion purple ducks that are her friends. Er, considering that there are a few facts that will make the comic easier to understand as it progresses, I'll state them here.

First off, the ducks are invisible to everyone except 'special people'. And Violet is a special person. Make what you will of that. As well, the ducks can appear and dissapear at will, poofing in and out of existance with impunity. Also, all the ducks are named Henry. Every single last stinkin' one. They all like the name, after all...Alright, is all of that clear? Good, now we can continue.

Violet and the ducks have existed for about 4 years now in my imagination... (although my friend Nigel came up with the concept of the ducks in the first place. Heh.) Violet was a character that I roleplayed, and the ducks were her guardians/friends/comic relief. The urge to make a webcomic hit me a few months back, and I needed a subject... so hey! Why not use Violet? Remove all her warror-girlyness, stick her in reality, keep all the ducks with her... there we go. Happily, my friend Innis liked the idea just as much as I did, and he's now assisting me with writing storylines and such. Considering that college keeps me busy, I only have time to put out 3 comics a week, but I will be trying to up the number as soon as I can manage it.

How The Strip Is Made!

To begin, an idea is needed. Said idea is usually reached after some discussion between Innis and I. Trust me, we've gotten some WEIRD ideas... ahem, anyway, after that I sketch a rough outline of the comic in pencil, putting in balloons and a bit of background as well. Then I trace over it with black ink (I use a thin pen for most of the strip, and a thick pen for balloons, lines, and some backgrounds.) I erase any remaining lines, then toss the page onto my scanner. After bringing the picture into Paint Shop Pro, I clean it up, up the contrast, letter it, and perhaps even color if I'm feeling particularly motivated.

As for lettering, I've just recently gone on a font jag. Yes, I am a font junkie. I like the clean look that using fonts for my lettering and sound effects gives... and I like using plenty of different ones. So, if you wanna know where my fonts have come from...

Oodles of nifty looking fonts and dingbats! I use Pornut for my banner and forum graphics, and the occasional textbox within the comic. And I use Mandingo for many of my sound effects!

A veryvery nice place for all you webcomic creators. There are some lovely fonts to use for lettering there. Myself, I'm partial to LetterOMatic, and use it for all my word balloons. I also make frequent use of Chronicles of a Hero for signs and various background noise, and Twelve Ton Goldfish for sound effects.

Purple Duck Mambo is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.